Precast Box Culverts

Precast boxes are typically used as a horizontal conduit where headroom is limited, but can be used horizontally or vertically. Precast box culverts can significantly reduce the cost of a project by reducing or eliminating formwork, dewatering, traffic control, and curing, when compared to the use of cast-in-place concrete.

Precast boxes can be designed for various depths and loading conditions including truck, railway, and airplane loads. Similar to concrete pipe, precast box culverts are available in unique configurations including mitre bends, wyes, cast-in baffles, and manhole access openings.


  • Storm sewer systems
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Drainage culverts
  • Pedestrian or wildlife crossings
  • Manholes
  • Utility chambers or corridors
  • Small bridges
  • Conveyor tunnels