Concrete Vaults

Concrete Vaults

Concrete vaults are square manholes used to access pipelines, water meter chambers and underground detention tanks. Vaults differ from other flat-sided manholes in having a precast floor and roof cast moulded as a single piece, enabling a complete manhole to be installed with only two precast pieces.

Square vaults are manufactured with internal span sizes from 1.2 m x 1.2 m to 2.8 m x 2.8 m. Vaults typically come in standard heights, though vault risers can be made to fit higher pipe elevation differences, weir walls, or special equipment project by project. Vault sections can also be made shorter than the standard height suit more shallow pipe installations.

Access openings and pipe connections for vaults are highly customizable. Vaults typically come with formed or cored openings for pipe which make connections easy. Oval holes can be provided for angled pipe entries.

Openings can be also be made to fit flanges, boot-style connectors, load-bearing plates, or other accessories.

Vaults are manufactured with a standard manhole access opening in the roof, but can also be designed for use with access hatches or special gratings.

Typical applications

  • Standard storm and sanitary manholes
  • Water meter and valve chambers
  • Skimming manholes
  • Lift stations and pump stations
  • Pond control structures

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